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Still I Rise Foundation

Daniel George was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer in 2012, which saw him endure months of brutal chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. Upon completing his treatment, Daniel created the Still I Rise Foundation which provides a counselling service for cancer patients, their family and friends and also for medical staff.

This podcast is just another tool to help those having a hard time at the moment, either with cancer or any other challenge.  

Thank you for listening.

Feb 26, 2017

I crossed paths recently with today's guest Veronica Farmer due to our shared status as having both been through the difficult cancer journey. Veronica experienced breast cancer 13 years ago although today's conversation covers a lot more than that.

Veronica has published a book titled 'Made Beautiful by Scars' which is a collection of stories from women who have walked through various types of adversity from infertility to depression, cancer to paraplegia and grown stronger as a result. She collects stories from men and women from around the world to give hope to those who are struggling with life scars of their own. Human stories helping humans.

I go into detail during my introduction about my own beliefs on cancer treatments but I also have an open mind to discussing how exploring alternate ideas may help find inner peace during a difficult time.

Let me know what you think about this one.